ATS- Automatic Tranfer System

Automatic Transfer System (Three Phase)

In this category wide Varity of ATS are available. These are specially designed for those installation where power sources are Three –Three or One-Three type. In case of three-three configuration load monitoring on phase wise, but in one-three type single phase emergency power distributed over a three phase (TPN) outgoing network. The entire emergency power allotment is available on all three load circuit and may be used for any load on any phase so long the sum total (scalar summation) drawing is within limit, on the other hand the emergency power available only on a pre decided load circuit in one-one type.


  • Precise monitoring of Phase-Neutral Voltage (R-N, Y-N, B-N) provides safe supply to gadgets & fittings.
  • Double screw termination minimizes terminal loose contact.
  • Its Over Load Isolation character enhances operational life.
  • On site up gradation friendly makes it more customized.


Dimensions H x W x D
Normal / Emergency
FP 10H
165 X 160 X 145
15A / 15A Four Pole
FP 20H
165 X 160 X 145
25A / 25A Four Pole
FP 25H
165 X 160 X 145
32A / 32A Four Pole
FP 30H
165 X 160 X 145
45A / 45A Four Pole
FP 45H
200 X 235 X 145
63A / 63A Four Pole
FP 50H
200 X 280 X 145
70A / 70A Double Pole
FP 75H
200 X 310 X 145
100A / 100A Double Pole
FP 90H
200 X 310 X 145
125A / 125A Double Pole


  • Voltage : 240V AC 50Hz
  • Emergency Current Set Point : Up to 30A factory pre-setted.
  • Voltage Set Point : 160V – 260V optional
  • Normal Current Set Point : Up to 40A optional
  • Response Time : 10 Sec at 25% overload & 4 Sec at 100% overload
  • Resetting Time : 14 Sec
  • Initial Delay : 6 TO 16 Sec after startup
  • Contact Rating : 40A
  • Enclosure : Polycarbonate FR
  • Electrical Endurance : 1X105 operations at rated current
  • Mechanical Endurance : 1X107 operations at rated current